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Mode Coldbrew

What´s your Mode?


Stay alert and perform better in a refreshingly natural way!
The Perfect hybrid of traditional coffee and refreshing energy drinks.

Mode Cold Brew Coffee is roasted, grounded and then steeped in cold water for a minimum of 12 hours. Never heated. Never bitter. Mode Cold Brew coffee is smooth and delicious. It packs a big caffeine punch without any of the bitterness or acidity – meaning its easy on the stomach, teeth and breath.

It´s actually so good it´s the only coffee that the swedish superstar DJ Avicii is drinking, and he is also one of the early investors in the company.

Twice the Natural Caffeine as a traditional cup of coffee or energy drink.

Just premium Kenyan Coffee Beans and Pure Swedish Water. Simple as that!

Just to be clear
No Sugar, Sweeteners or Additives.

67% less acids
Than traditional coffee. Helps prevent bad coffee breath, brown teeth and a sensitive stomach.

NO bitterness
Never heated. Never bitter. created the full concept from naming, brand identity, packaging design, store communication & pos-material, events and web.

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